Models & simulators

bitfinex Analog simulation programs with TINA-TI? software and SPICE, and the PCB thermal calculator

We make it easy to simulate your design and format the results with our free simulation tools, such as TINA-TI and our PCB thermal calculator. You can also use our extensive model libraries, that are supported within TINA-TI, to accelerate your development.? ?


Virtual instruments allow you to select input waveforms and probe circuit nodes voltages and waveforms to quick-start your design. TINA also has extensive post-processing capability that allows you to format results the way you want them.

SPICE models

Download SPICE models and application notes to help get you started with TINA-TI.

PCB thermal calculator

Get a quick thermal analysis of your PCB with our thermal calculator.

Available TINA-TI versions??

TINA-TI English

This complimentary version is fully functional but does not support some other features available with the full version of TINA.

TINA-TI Translated

The same complemenatry version of TINA-TI is available and translated for the following languages:

  • Russian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese

Featured design resources

Getting started with TINA-TI?

This quick-start user's guide gives you a quick overview of TINA-TI?, a powerful circuit design and simulation tool, which helps you quickly create circuit simulations.

Importing a SPICE NetList into TINA9-TI

Learn how to import an unencrypted SPICE netlist into TINA9-TI, which helps you create a new macromodel based on the netlist.


This document provides general guidance on the use of tools and calculations for thermal estimates of component operating temperatures for analog devices.

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